Breaking and Entering

Remember last week went I caught Mr. Squirrel oogling our dinner from the kitchen window?

He wasn’t very discrete about it, and he came back many times. We suspected that he could have a criminal past, so we didn’t take our chances. The basil plant was moved out of the kitchen, so as not to entice him. We kept the window only ajar when we left, thinking that would be enough to elude Mr. Squirrel.

Wrong. Here’s what I walked in the door to find this afternoon:

Oh, the chia horror. Too bad squirrels don’t know how to operate tupperware, or he would have had access to some delicious breakfast muffins.

It looks like he just pranced around on the counter for awhile, knocking and shoving as much as he could.

More interesting was how he pulled off the break-in. See all those black flakes?

Wire chewed away from the screen. Can you believe he had the guile to tear an entrance AND an exit hole?

City livin’ ain’t easy, folks. I’d take a country squirrel over one of these furry urban muggers any day.

Guess it’s time to pick up the dust pan.


  1. What a little snot! I had a mouse that took out quite a bit of my pantry last fall. I was NOT amused… Rodents… ugh!

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  2. For serious?

    At Temple we have trashcan squirrels. You don’t know they’re in there until it’s too late. Scary little buggers.

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  3. This exact situation happened to me 2 years ago. Though this squirrel only made one hole in the screen and proceeded to give me panic attacks for a full 24 hours thinking it might still be in the apartment.

    He managed to get into a container of homemade granola bars and appeared to eat a full one, and move another half to the top of the oven where it was left. Much less damaging than the chia seed disaster, but rather puzzling nonetheless.

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  4. Pushy little devil, but my Colorado cousin ended up with a bear in her kitchen. It ate the cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and then left!

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