Fiddling Around

I have proof that vegetables found their way into my diet this week, despite the constant onslaught of bacon. The fridge was actually loaded with veggies from weekend shopping trip, but planning for the takedown threw me off schedule.

I’ve still managed to throw together dinner every night, and an attractive one, at that! Last night, we had big plate of Indian goodness.

Tomatoes, chickpeas, and garlic sauteed in a pan. Then I added a jar of curry simmer sauce (not shown, but it was from WFoods.) While that cooked on the stove, I heated up the oven for the samosas.

An Indian meal is not complete without a hot samosa. I found these veggie versions in the freezer aisle of WF. They just had to defrost in the microwaves for 2 minutes, then I crisped them up in a hot oven.

Served with some greens, for good measure. Fiddleheads were a first for me. In fact, I had never even seen them until Susan made them awhile back. The most important thing to know about this vegetable is not to eat it raw! I imagine it would taste like an unripened persimmon, or it might kill you.

Once boiled or steamed though, they are soft and unassertive.

I also threw down a bed of baby spinach, and topped it with brown rice pilaf. This was a really balanced meal, full of flavor, and very filling. Also made awesome leftovers for lunch!

It seems right to make vegetarian meals this week, to compensate for the smoked pork factory taking up shop in my kitchen.

And there is no shortage of smoke here. I had the fans blowing all night, but the apartment still smells like a smokehouse.

I might have to alert the authorities over the weekend (or disassemble the smoke alarm temporarily) because there is going to be some heavy duty smoke from all the bacon-baking.

Anyone have tips for reducing smoking in the oven?

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