Takedown Part Two: 17 Contestants

Competing in a cooking event has always been a dream of mine. I have seen every variety of cooking competition on TV,  featuring every skill level of cooks. I hoped that someday I would enter myself in a recipe contest for amateur home cooks. This weekend, I made that dream come true!

The Bacon Takedown event was held at the Armory in Somerville. Tickets had sold out, so I knew none of my s’mores would go to waste. (Read about my prep time here in Part One)

From the moment we walked in, I was totally impressed with the space. Lots of room, high ceilings, plenty of light. The space usually functions as an art gallery.

But this weekend, it functioned as a bacon dispensary.

We chose a table and started to set up our spread.

They provided cute aprons and pins for all the contestants! I was so excited to put mine on.

Soon we were ready to serve.

Once the doors opened and the people started to stream in, Justin fired up his blow torch. I’ll share more details on this new gagdet (bought specifically for the event) once I have recovered fully. But, it worked like a dream and everyone seemed to love the visual!

Service went smoothly. Our s’mores were a huge hit with kids. One family came back 3 times taking multiple s’mores at a time. Of course, we were happy to dole them out.

I was very curious about the rest of the contestants though, and started to crave savory flavors. I had my eyes on the diner’s plates as they passed with some delicious looking treats.

Our friend Bill was the designated photographer for the day, and he did a great job capturing it all!

First up, Asian buns with veggie slaw (I think Thai)…

BBQ Bacon Jam…

Maple Cacao Bacon bites…

Bacon Cheesecake Brownies…

And 12 other entries, many of which were desserts: waffles, oreos, creme bruleé, and more. You can read the full list of contestants and recipes here.

After two short hours, the people had voted and it was time for the awards ceremony.

Everyone got to introduce themselves and their recipes entries.

Then, the host Matt Tims announced all the winners. He is hilarious by the way, and does such a great job of making the event as fun as possible. I can’t wait for the next chance to compete in a Takedown!  I will definitely sign up!

There were lots of prizes, unfortunately we didn’t win any. First place went to the delicious Asian sandwich and a bacon munchkin donut. I loved them both! I would have loved some of the kitchen gadgetry that the runners-up received. But to be truthful, I’m happy I didn’t win first place. I was really anxious about bringing home the grand prize: a year’s supply of bacon!

It’s going to take me a year to get over this bacon binge. No more bacon, please. Please, no more.

Overall, I had an amazing time preparing for and attending this competition! I only want to compete in more and more now, so be on the lookout for more takedowns to come!


  1. ..very cool, I have been spying on web sites all day!! Very impressed… Chili wants to know if there are leftovers bacon is his favorite!..xx Mom oxox

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  2. Boooo on not winning!

    But possibly yay- can you imagine? I think your heart/arteries would just cry…

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  3. you guys are awesome- and also mind-blowingly hardcore to make 3 billion bacon smores bites for The People!!!!! Thanks so much for doing this thang!!!!

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