Can’t Have Nice Things

I took a trip to Goodwill this week just to nose around. I figure since I’m going to break my plates and glasses anyway, it makes no sense to spend much money on them. Justin and I like to joke whenever one of us shatters something, “See? This is why we can’t have nice things.”

I’ve thought about buying things in odd numbers, so it would even out as we drop things. I could also buy everything made out of steel, because we’ve even broken a Pyrex bowl. That stuff is supposed to be indestructible. So, I’ll never have a complete set of dishes, but I still try to find things that match or fit a general style.

This time, I spent just under $10 and brought home two plates, two dishes, a ceramic cup, and a small framed mirror.

The small plates I found were exact companions to two larger plates (seen on the blog and in the photo below) I bought at the same Goodwill store about 3 years ago! What a trip! I snagged both for $1.60.

I found an orange IKEA cup for $1.50. It matched my living room, and that was reason enough for me.

I also got two ceramic boat dishes. These are safe in the oven and freezer. I foresee apple crumble or custards baking up inside!

For a sweet price of $1.50 each.

My favorite find was a small wall mirror, with gold painted frame, for a whopping $2! You could pay $15 for something like this in a box store!

It already has a home, but it needs a few coats of black paint before it can hang with us.

I’m trying to build a wall frame collage in the bedroom à la Young House Love. I noticed that all the frames we had were black to begin with, so one day I nailed them all up together.

I’ve done a terrible job arranging the items so far, and I need about 3 or 4 more items to have the full effect.  I’m sure 60 holes-in-the-wall later, it will be looking good.



  1. There are several sets of dishes in the attic ( I know big surprise) you can have what ever you want..that way there’s many pieces so more to use if you break no big one has used them in 25 years…or paper plates they don’t!! Like the wall pictures etc..very cute!

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  2. I say “this is why we can’t have nice things” at least once a day. Often when someone breaks something. Usually that someone is me. :)

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  3. Wow, great Goodwill finds! I usually don’t have that much success, but I love buying really cheap, used but still in good shape things for our home. My latest find was a set of Pyrex mixing bowls from the 70s. I use them all the time!

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    • That is an awesome snag! I have to remember to go back for flower vases, absolutely no reason to spend $10+ on one anywhere else. Sometimes it can be really hit or miss, but as long as I’m open-minded I can usually find something.

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