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I’m pressed for time and inspiration tonight, but I refuse to skip a blog post. I’ve posted every day this month! So as not to leaving you hanging, here’s a list of things I dig this week:

1. Hotel in the Heavens

Sign. Me. Up! I’ve always said I will be on the first ship out of here (Earth) if humans ever figure out a commercial means of space travel. Props to Russia for planning the first hotel in orbit, slated for opening in 2016. For a mere $1 million dollars, you can enjoy a 5-day, 16-sunset stay in space.

2. Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s post Why Does He Do That?

Oh, this post makes me smile. I love all of Courtney’s cat photos and silly comments. Jelly is a plus-sized version of her cat adorable Cody. I enjoyed reading the explanations of many of his peculiar behaviors.

3. Sister coming to town!

My big sis is coming to visit for the weekend. On Sunday, we are all headed to the Iconathon at M.I.T. to nerd is up. I love her!

Can you tell?

4. Curb Your Enthusiasm

I have been watching Curb before turning in every night this week. I never watch anything stressful or dramatic before bed, or I’ll have bad dreams.

A good dose of Larry David’s awkward situational comedy, or the Cosby Show will put me in a happy place for slumber.

5. One Step Closer to Renewable Energy

Justin found this article with promising news for wind power. An innovation from Japan called the “wind lens” could triple the output of wind turbines. The article says that it would make wind power less expensive than nuclear, good news for everyone.

6. Wellsphere Video

I have been meaning to share this video from the Wellsphere lunch I went to in Philadelphia. We allĀ  had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our blogs on camera, and I went first! Health Central pulled together a great video from the afternoon. Here it is:

7. September!

I am beyond thrilled from the commencement of pumpkin season. After Sept. 1st, I don’t feel awkward loading up on Libby’s in the grocery store. I have a sweet treat planned for tomorrow tonight, so stay tuned!


  1. Yay for fall baking/cooking! I’m sad to see summer go… but I’m ready to EAT.

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  2. How have I never seen that Cosby thing before? Genius!

    Also, how have I never seen a fuzzy belly so in need of scratching?

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  3. I love that there is a Wellsphere video! I was invited to the lunch but couldn’t make it because my flight didn’t get in on time. Hopefully, next year! :)

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