Beers + Bikes

How many of you are good day-drinkers? I enjoy the concept of spending a day in the sun, sipping down a few cold ones, and relaxing into the day. That’s what we did yesterday afternoon with some of Justin’s relatives.

We met at Mike’s Water St. Grill in Gardiner, ME for lunch. Mike’s is a bike bar with a solid menu, and the weather was nice enough for us to sit outside at the picnic tables.

They had just put Shipyard Pumpkin Ale on tap, so naturally I had three of them.

Justin ordered the burger of the month, a monstrosity not meant for the average man. It had ham, salami, pepperoni, hot relish, with provolone cheese and oh yeah, there was a big fat 1/2 lb. burger in there somewhere.

I had a plain burger, no bells and whistles, but delicious nonetheless. I was hoping the enormity of my lunch would offset some of the beers.

But, no luck. I passed out on the couch for the remainder of the afternoon with Louie as my hangover companion. I only got up briefly to pray beside the porcelain god. Ugh.

I asked if you are a good day drinker, because I am NOT. Even a glass of wine with an early dinner is enough to set me over the edge. But, hand me a few shots of whiskey after 9PM and watch me shine. It makes no sense!

You know what else makes no sense?

Why would Justin ever remove that handsome rat tail?! It looks like he kept it until fourth grade before transitioning to a less inspired bowl cut.

I love coming home to his house because I can snoop around for baby pictures. Please don’t tell on me.

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