DIY Cat Costume

Does it surprise anyone that I decided to be a cat for Halloween? Other ideas I tossed around for no longer than 5 minutes total:

  • bumble bee (because I have yellow pants)
  • pig in a blanket (because I bought a pig’s nose back in June)
  • something that wears striped socks (because I have striped socks)

None of those ideas were as entertaining as being basement cat. But, I made the mistake of going to iParty 3 days before Halloween. The line wrapped around the perimeter of the store! If I wanted a costume, I would have to DIY it.

Luckily, I found a black mask in the closet to solve all my problems.

With some black acrylic paint, I brushed up the surface of the mask which had been smashed between candles and bags of potpourri.

For whiskers, I painted a few pipe cleaners black.

For ears, I cut pieces of black cardboard (from inside of a gift-packing set, see below.) To give the paper ears some texture, I painted the edges with black paint, too.

Jelly was overjoyed with the fact that the black cardboard box was “just his size.”

And by “just his size”, I mean totally under-sized which is perfect for cats.


After everything dried, I started to assemble my cat mask.

I marked the bottom edges of the ears on the back of the mask. This helped to keep the hot glue in line.

I found with a fair application of hot glue above the demarcation, the paper ears stuck to the mask with ease.

I snipped the whiskers in half and glued them to the nose of the mask, then paint over the hot glue with black paint to hide it a bit.

Ta-da! A mask like this would have easily cost $15+ at iParty. I made it for free with foraged supplies.

In order to  finalize the costume, I needed a tail. At the party store, a black fabric cat tail cost $8. Forget that!

I just so happened to have a rogue black stocking in my dresser drawer (saved for just this occasion, of course.)¬†I’m going to stuff it with batting and pit it to the back of my dress.

We are headed to a Halloween party tonight in Maine, so I’ll be back tomorrow with photos of our finished costumes! For now, a glimpse:


There is no doubt that I was a cat in one of my past lives.

What are you dressing up as this year?! Are you as hopelessly unoriginal as I am, or are you one to plan your costume weeks in advance?


  1. you are an ADORABLE kitten, H!

    When I saw the title of this post, I thought for SURE you were going to teach me how to make a costume for Benson! Nicholas and I were at the pet store a couple of hours ago and I had to be peeled away from the sale pet costumes and accessories. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to buy the blitten bat wings.

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    • I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish this was a post about making costume for cats vs. cat costumes. Jelly was going to be Batman (a.k.a. Catman) if I had had the time. I think Benson is more aerodynamically convincing though as a bat.

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