I am on the lookout for Fall because I don’t want to miss a moment of it. All I’ve found so far is fallen leaves and 80˚ weather.

Only a few older trees have lost their leaves. None have turned bright colors yet, but I hope to photograph the foliage in the next few weeks.

I have managed to come upon a lot of pumpkin, so that’s reassuring.

Some of the wonderful things you can make with canned pumpkin:

You have to make these brownies by Smitten Kitchen. You have to, you have to. They will forever be my go-to dessert for holiday parties. Everyone always loves brownies, and most everyone loves pumpkin. (Is there nothing I can do to convince you, Cynthia and Elizabeth?)

Oh, they are just so good. Thick, rich, and cake-like.

I could have done a better job aesthetically with the swirl, but who cares? These taste like heaven on Earth.

Heaven is still sitting in my fridge, too. I’m going to go grab myself a slice.

What signs of Fall have you seen lately? Any amazing pumpkin recipe sightings?


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