Austin to Boston: Part 2

The results are in: my exchange with the Austin to Boston food swap was a total success!

Julie of Kitschn Calamities sent me a box of local foods from around Texas, and a couple special items from Michigan (where she was raised.) I was so very excited to walk up to my doorstep and see a big box with my name on it. There is a ‘Hailey’ in my building and she gets tons of packages, and it tricks me every time.

You can read about the box I sent to Austin, TX last week filled with local items from markets around Boston and New England. This post has the full description!

So, let’s see what Julie sent:

First things first: a jar of salsa. This is one of those foods that Texas gets to “own.” Chili is the other. Texans scoff at salsa with pineapple and chili with beans. I am very excited to taste the real deal! I bet this will be the first item from the box to be eaten up.

She took it easy on us by selecting a medium heat jar of Clint’s Texas salsa. This recipe is husband-approved and does not offend her spouse’s “Northern sensibilities.” It makes me wonder about my palate and how hot hot really is in Texas.

The second thought that enters my mind when I think of Texan food is Padma barbecue.

Julie says that tried and true Texans turn away barbecue sauces altogether. A brand of barbecue sauce named the “Native Texan” might be a bit of an oxymoron, but we’re not here to judge. In New England, barbecue means burgers slathered with BBQ sauce; ribs and chicken done up the same way. We use it in recipes all the time, so this bottle will be relished.

Native Texan Barbecue Sauce is the second product created by this brand, they started with salsas. I wonder how their recipe compares with Clint’s.

Another condiment sent my way: spicy mustard! I know this will get used up very quickly, too.

Julie sent Dumbledore Dusseldorf mustard from Fredericksburg Farm. This is one of Julie’s every day condiments, so I have a feeling its going to good!

To counter balance the savory flavors, she included some sweet treats.

This bottle of honey from Round Rock, TX comes at the perfect time. I just finished a bottle of agave nectar and have yet to replace it. Now, I can give this a try.

The next one is almost too good to be true. Salted caramel pear butter. Need I say more?

Confituras is a small company based in Austin that makes jams and preserves. Julie picked this out with her magical craving mind-reading abilities. I have been interested in salted caramel as of late.

I think Julie did a great job pulling together a crop of unique products from Texas, especially because she isn’t a native Texan herself. She is actually from Michigan, so she sent some things to represent that region.

A six pack of Vernors pop was well received. (They call it pop but it says soda on the can #justsayin)

She sent it along with a recipe for vanilla ice cream. A popular milkshake in Michigan is Vernors soda/pop and vanilla ice cream named, very fittingly, the Boston Cooler. Yum.

Also from Michigan, spinach fettuccine by Al Dente pasta.

This is something I never think to buy but love to eat. It is perfect served underneath light al fredo sauce, shrimp, and peas.

I have to applaud Julie on her effort in putting together this box. I loved that she wrote a little blurb about each product, so I had lots to tell you about before I even tried any of it. We are going to keep in touch in the new year, and let each other know how we are enjoying everything.

Oh, and one more freebie came in the mail this week. Lucky ol’ me won a giveaway by Boston Food Swap (the same people that ran the cookie swap.) Once I am out of my cookie coma, I will get my new OXO Good Cookie spatula a test run!

And that reminds me to remind you to enter my giveaway for an OXO egg beater. Click over to this post and enter!

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