Sweet Cheeks Q

Over the weekend, I ate dinner at Sweet Cheeks Q with a couple of girl friends.

I heard of this barbecue mecca via some Boston food bloggers who dined there recently. Amanda wrote a great review, and just walking through the front door, I knew she wasn’t exaggerating. My hair smelled like smokey barbecue when I came home (and I had tons of leftovers), much to Justin’s delight.

Here is some information about Sweet Cheeks Q:

Chef/Owner: Tiffani Faison of Top chef

Location: near Fenway Park

Vibe: casual, eat-’til-you-drop

Cuisine: barbecue “done right

Price range: ~$20 per tray, cocktails are all $10

No reservations on Friday & Saturday night – get there early!

We ordered a round of house bill 819 cocktails, composed of tea infused with Berkshire mountain corn whiskey, lemon juice, mint, and simple syrup. It was potent and seemed to evaporate while we waited for our table.

The menu is fun because it caters to all sorts of appetites. Believe it or not, the monstrous platter shown below cost only $15. These “trays” come with a choice of BBQ meat, a hot side, a cold side, pickles, onions, and two slices of white bread. You can also order meat by the pound or choose from more appetizers and even dessert.

I ordered the pulled chicken with coleslaw and BBQ beans.  The flavors on the plate held up to the delicious scent wafting through the room. I think the baked beans were my favorite  part, but it is hard to choose!

After a solid effort, I cleared all the coleslaw but had a lot of chicken and beans left to bring home.

My friend who was in town visiting had leftovers, too, and she gave her leftover mac & cheese and a few ribs to me.

We devoured the leftovers as a full meal. Jelly wanted in on the barbecue action so bad.

I already want to go back to Sweet Cheeks Q to try some of their biscuits, potato salad, and sweet tea.

What’s the best barbecue place in your neck of the woods? I

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