Jelly Turns 8

I didn’t have many pets growing up. We never had a dog or a cat, just a handful of caged rodents and birds – animals I usually run away from when I encounter them in nature.

I look a little scared there, right? I am afraid for me, still.

When I finally had the chance to adopt a “real” pet in college, I jumped for it. I got a 6 month old orange kitty off of Craigslist (first mistake) named Charles.

I was head over heels in love with this animal, until he fell ill a few months later.

I did everything I could to help Chals, including paying hundreds of dollars worth of vet bills and feeding him with a spoon while he was cooped up in the kitchen cabinet. In the end we learned he had FIP, a disease that occurs in young cats, which is incurable and fatal. Soon after, I had to put him down. It was the absolute worst.

I lived with a few other cats owned by roommates after that, but I didn’t adopt again for almost 5 years. Mainly because I wasn’t allowed to have pets in the building where I was living, but also because I have planned to move to the West coast and figured it would be smarter to wait until I was situated there to get another pet.

Then came Jelly.

One day last spring, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. It took no more than 15 minutes in the animal shelter to pick out Jelly (formerly known as Nikey). The rest was history.

I am telling you all this because that is how I rationalized my over-enthusiasm for celebrating Jelly’s birthday. He turned 8 this year, but it was his first birthday with us.

There was cake, home-baked with love (recipe in my next post!)

With a shrimp on top.

It was devoured.

I bought a present, and he won’t even acknowledge it.

Dogs love kong toys – have you ever met a dog who didn’t like them? I thought it would maybe work with my ravenous cat, but Jelly could care less.

He got plenty of treats on his birthday (on most days, actually) and napped for hours afterward. I don’t think a cat would ask for more from a birthday celebration.

Let’s see if we can suffer his reign for another year. Long live the king!


  1. Happy Birthday with love from Benson & me! xoxo

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  2. Rondo extends his well wishes himself! His “birthday” is June 1st and I’m really hoping he grows out of some of his most obnoxious kitten tendencies!

    I’m sure he would like that toy… but he’ll play with anything!

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  3. total bummer about the kitty kong fail. i think that would fail in my house too if that makes you feel better. or the tiny kong would be swallowed by the giant dog :)

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  4. My dog wants nothing to do with the Kong I bought him. I’ve tried the Kong stuffing, real peanut butter (which he loves), his favorite treats, and nothing will get him to touch it. Maybe I’ll try it out on the cat….

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  5. Happy birthday Jelly! Thanks for always making me want to get a cat!

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  6. My little girl kitty is turning 1 year old on 3/8/2013. I am SSSOOOO totally making her a kitty cake! I’ll just have to keep my other cat out of it till his birthday on 3/28/2013. The best things I have EVER gottten at the Humane Society of Boulder, CO!

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  7. I stumbled upon this looking for a recipe for my cat’s birthday! I’m looking forward to making this, but probably with salmon instead of tuna.

    I just adopted Jade on Saturday and when I got home, the paperwork said she would be turning 2 the same day I turn 25! So it’s gonna be a special birthday for both of us :)

    Thanks for the post!

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  8. This is so sweet! I have two cats Dusky & Cheese Puff and my lil Dusky turns 3 today. I’m going to bake him a tuna-egg cake! Thanks for the recipe and the story of Jelly. Give him a hug for me!

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  9. omg I bought that kong for my kitty and he doesn’t like it either, I was so disappointed lol!! I am going to make this cake for cat stevens (catste). he turns 2 tomorrow. he didn’t like the cat kong but he LOVES kong’s refillable catnip toys ( they are his favorite toy next to glitter balls, so I got him another one of those, along with his main present, the cat tree. kitteh <3

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