Swapping with SF Swappers

In the end of January, I went to a food swap with the SF Swappers group.  

I was excited to try delicious new foods and meet some San Francisco foodies. This was my first time meeting with this group, and my first official “food” swap (I’ve swapped dozens of cookies though, read about it here and here.)

I liked the way the event was structured. Everyone brought food for a potluck, so there is more food on top of food (which is a win in my books.) All the swapping and sampling goods are laid out on big tables. I was impressed by the range of food products available for swapping. There was truly something for everyone and every diet.

Every item has a card in front that describes what it is.

After an hour of socializing and sampling, everyone is allowed to bid.

I went around and wrote my name on every thing that interested me (pretty much everything.)  After the bidding period is over, everyone gets to look at their bid card, and the swapping takes place in a crazy free-for-all.

So, what did I bring to the swapping table? Individually baked goat cheese and blackberry cheesecakes.

These little mason jars were the perfect vessel to bake a small cheesecake in and it was just the right portion size for the swap. I made a bright green label for my cheesecake but I forgot to take a picture of it. Boo!

Here’s how I made the cheesecakes: I prepared the graham cracker crust of each little cake, and a big sheet cake to slice for samples. I made the cheesecake batter and poured that first, followed by a blackberry purée. Then I swirled it all together with a skewer and baked them.

I did not mind having to taste test this recipe.

Goat cheese cheesecakes pretty much sells itself. I figured my cheesecakes would get a few bids because the samples disappeared really quickly. I had about 7 offers for the 6 cheesecakes that I brought.

Here’s what I got:

  • dried cured beef
  • rancho pozole soup and fresh veggies
  • chipotle barbecue sauce by Chef Stephanie (one of the event co-hosts)
  • a l’orange glaze
  • grapefruit ginger lemon curd
  • bottle of wine from Indian Leap Vineyards in Sonoma Valley

That’s a pretty good haul, right?

I ate the soup that night for dinner and had some of the BBQ sauce a couple days later. We had a couple pieces of the dried cured beef, but I didn’t think to put it in the fridge and instead left it in the cabinet. It molded in two days! Gross and sad. I made some pastry with the lemon curb a few weeks later, and I still have the wine and sauces left to use.

For the work that went into making my cheesecakes, I was totally satisfied with what I received. I am already scheming what I can make for the next swap that will be even better.


  1. So glad you are back… and you hit the food deptment again… all looks so yummy!!!

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  2. So fun! I’m planning on attending my first food swap in a couple weeks and I can’t wait. I love that someone brought vanilla extract to yours–such a great idea and it would be so easy! I think I’m bring scones though. We’ll see!

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