My friend sent me a message about an Internet Cat Video Film Festival taking place in Oakland, and I bought tickets to it without hesitation. The event took place on some closed-to-traffic city streets in the middle of downtown Oakland. It was a fun street festival with a crowd of cat-loving people of all ages.

There was street food, cat-related crafts for kids, whiskers being painted on faces of everyone, and lots of cat paraphenalia for sale.

The main event of the festival was a video shown with a large projector on the Great Wall of Oakland. The wall is a huge side of a building with a parking lot beside it.

At one point, some acrobats did a performance on the side of the Wall. They are probably not afraid of heights.

All the festival-goers set out chairs and blankets on the street and sidewalks, waiting for the sun to set and the nighttime show to begin. By 8PM, there was a big crowd and the film began to roll.

They showed the same silly cat videos we’ve all seen a dozen (or more) times on the internet. Patty cake cats, tiny kittens falling asleep, surprised kitty, etc. But there was something special about watching those cat videos on a such a big screen with a thousand people laughing together. I guess they did a tour of the festival in other cities, and I hope this comes back around next year.

My favorite part of the whole night, though, was the merch.

We purchased this postcard after mulling it over for a half a heartbeat.

And, the Cat People had a table set up at the event which I could not resist.

They are a San Francisco based company and they make adorable cat accessories. For $10, I bought a high quality shirt collar with velcro bow-tie and neck tie attachments.

I mean, come on.

The collars are adjustable width, available in small and large sizes. They told me to get a large because Jelly is big, but he might have been okay with a small.

I’m not sure whether I love the bow tie or neck tie more.

All I know for sure is that Jelly will have none of it.




2 Responses to Internet Cat Video Film Festival

  1. Molly says:

    Did they have items for girl cats? Bow ties are super cute, but not very girly.

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