Art Journal Update

It is time to share more art journal pages with you!

My pages have been all over the place lately. Lots of colorful paint and colorful language. Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last post.


I thought you might like to see some “during” and “after” pages.


I hosted kraft nites again this season, but I made most of my pages on my own. I find art journaling to be very therapeutic!


The photo of the girl on the right is me.



This is one of my favorite pages ever. The colors are so awesome and I really love the photo from the magazine that I cut into strips.


It’s safe to say that the rest of the pages you’ll see in the post are not part of a theme. I just put on the pages whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes, it’s the cover of a cereal box. Then, a few days later, I see this picture of a guy in an outfit and think, “That looks just like Pop in real life!”








You saw this page in my last photo dump, but I’ve added to it a little bit. Some text, tapes, and strips of orange paper.



This model with her puffy blonde hairdo really inspired me. I used all the pages of her spread in one way or another. In the next photo, you’ll see a hand drawing on the left and the muse on the right. I drew with my non-dominant hand, and it was a fun, functional challenge.

The fog in San Francisco has a name, and it’s Karl.


I’ve been making some tough choices regarding my career path, and so I have a lot of pages related to jobs and job insecurity. Most of them had lots of private musings about my life so I’m not posting those ones.








I just couldn’t get enough of the swear words this time.

IMG_0379 IMG_0378


I watched the tutorial on how to do abstract painting. This was a very good skill for me to learn because I struggle with creating abstract art. My brain likes to work in a linear fashion, so this was a good exercise for me. Plus, it look so purdy.IMG_0373


Sometimes I just squeeze paint right on the page and then press it against the opposite page. Peel apart and let it dry!IMG_0364IMG_0372

I like this spread a lot, it came together with a cutout from a book, a page of a magazine, a sticker, and some watercolor. Oh, and an accidental smear of black paint from when I was working on some other page.


Jelly, of course, made an appearance during this photo shoot.IMG_0367IMG_0368


This next spread features a crossword puzzle that I filled in with words that have a negative connotation.




IMG_0366 IMG_0365I’ll end with this political statement:


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