Jelly is a cat with an owner who loves him enough to make him his own webpage. Jelly has a pretty good life.


This page will document Jelly’s weight loss, as well as the gradual destruction of our home. You can also see a list of all my posts about Jelly, and view an entire gallery of his photos. Yes, I’m that cat lady.

When we moved to San Francisco, I actually had to make a resume for Jelly as part of the apartment application process.

Here’s ┬áis some more background information, in case you were wondering:

  • He weighed in at hefty 14.5 lb when we first brought him home. Talk about a Jelly belly.
    • Weighed 14.06 lb (6/30/11)
    • Weighed 12.00 lbs (1/10/12) – Vet said he is at a healthy weight
    • Weighed 12.30 lbs (3/10/12) – oops
    • Weighed 13.3 lbs (8/7/12) – uh oh! time to get back on track!
    • Weighed 12.10 lbs (1/31/13) – Vet said he is at a healthy weight
  • He was at the animal shelter for one month before we adopted him, surrendered by previous owners due to allergies.
  • He stinks at killing ants.
  • He once caught a BAT in the middle of the night!
  • One vet took one look and called him a “moose.”
  • His favorite place to nap is on any of Justin’s clothing, anything made of fleece, and a random piece of red sheer fabric on the floor (because he’s fancy.)
  • He is fed Wellness Healthy Weight dry food and also their wet food, and lost two pounds on their diet!
  • Favorite foods to snatch off the counter: shrimp, crab rangoon, cornbread, sugar cookies, chicken wings.
  • Best trick: bat-catching, wiping the fog off the bathroom mirror.


  1. He’s adorable and looks sooooo much like our first Sandy Cat. Love him. Good luck with the weight loss !!

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  2. i luv ur blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i heard eggs were not very good for cats jsyk . i am a crazy cat lady too … i have two:)

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