I started Blunder Construction in 2010. I named my site “Blunder Construction” because I love construction projects and I am very good at making mistakes. I blogged consistently for almost three years as I ate food and did fun things in Boston. Then I moved to San Francisco, to eat even more food and do even more fun things, but this wee blog was neglected. I don’t want to let Blunder Construction die like a sad, brown porch plant. So, I gave it a new face and wiped the slate clean.

Here are some things that might appear on this page someday:


Youtube Channel I post videos to my Youtube channel frequently. I produce useless videos for the internet. I also learned how to do a little character animation in After Effects, so I’ve posted those there. I will humblebrag to say that I got 27,000+ views of my courtroom dog version of the Donkey Brains skit from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (thanks to reddit r/video.) My favorite video is the intro to Law & Order: Special Tuna Unit, a remake of the intro with a full cast of cats.

Illustrations I will continue to hone my cartoon illustration skills and maybe even think about learning animation.

Etsy Shop I’m working on an Etsy shop at a pace that even a turtle would find sluggish. Someday, it will be a hub for snarky cartoons, custom graphics, board games, and maybe even something with felt.

Tumblr-esque Ideas I have ideas for things that would make good Tumblr sites, so I will work on those and then make sure you can see them on this site. My all-star ideas include: things that were in the middle of the road during the traffic update on NPR, shit that I found in my basement while I was doing laundry, commentary as I set out to listen to every major city’s NPR station.

DIY Projects I have been attempting increasingly grown-up projects in my current apartment. I hung pegboard on the wall and changed a sink faucet, for crying out loud. This site can be a place for me to share those projects.

Art Journal I have an Instagram account with lots of my art content, you can check me out at @halleyart.

Jelly The one thing I will be sure to carry forward to this new blog chapter is the Jelly tab. His birthday cake post is my number one most viewed page to date. He has his own Instagram account now, check him out @emperor_jelly.

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