Speculoos Cookie Butter

This is quite possibly the most important thing I will ever post on the blog.

Speculoos cookie butter is now available at Trader Joe’s.

Product description:

A deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits.

I opened it the moment I got home from the grocery store. A heaping teaspoonful was spread on top of a Wasa light rye cracker. (And another, and another.)

Heaven on earth. It is smooth and creamy like peanut butter, with the flavor of a cookie. I wouldn’t be able to discern a difference between this and Biscoff spread in a blind taste test.

Buying a jar of this will be the best thing anyone has ever done.

Coming soon: speculoos cookie butter cookies. Help me.


  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of cookie butter- but I’ll have to try it now!

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  2. Here is a link to a bunch of recipes using Bischoff spread (same as speculoos, but french) http://biscoffblog.com/recipes/

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  3. This stuff is heaven in a jar!! Have been searching for recipes – so glad for the Bischoff link!

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  4. Speculoos is made from caramelized gingerbread cookie which was traditionally baked for consumption on St. Nicholas day in Belgium.Speculoos is sourced and derived from the Dutch word ‘speculaas’ and it is a type or form of biscuit or cookies that we eat on a daily basis as part of our breakfast or snacks.

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  5. Thanks for sharing this speculoos cookie butter.i like it.

    Speculoos spread

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  6. I think I can honestly say this is the most amazing thing I’ve tried in a very… very long time!!! Thank you Trader Joes!!! Here’s our Review – http://wp.me/p106i6-3tU

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  7. Cookie Butter is my new guilty pleasure! Given to me by a friend to try and now cant get enough. Its good on pancakes, cracker’s and really good spread on fruit(banana’s,and apple slices) the combinations are endless ! NOW if Trader Joe’s can just keep it stocked I will be one happy camper.

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  8. OH NO! when will it be available???????

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